Chrome for iOS gets better

I use Chrome on all of my computers. I like it. Everything is synced together and I utilize all of my favorite features across various platforms. On iOS, it’s tougher to use Chrome all of the time because of Apple’s lockdown on third-party apps.

Thanks to x-callback support, I’ve been able to set it as the ‘default’ browser for many of my favorite apps, including Reeder, Tweetbot and Pushbullet. Thanks to this week’s update, the browser added even more functionality. For details:

The widget is nice for quick opening of links in iMessage or another client. Pull to refresh is even better, and will be super convenient. And LastPass/1Password support autofilling of passwords just tops it off. Nice work, Google.

… now, when can I make Chrome the actual default browser?

The ASUS Chromebit

This thing is just awesome. The Chromebit is essentially a full computer (obviously the Chrome OS version) on an HDMI dongle for $99.

In general, families could very easily use this to swap out aging computers — looking at you, Mom — but I feel like some businesses will be able to put these to even better, and more creative, uses. And honestly, it’s cheap enough that I’ll probably grab one just to have on hand to try.

Another Case for the New MacBook

I appreciate MacSparky’s take here. This update, and the longer piece before it, are legit looks at the audience for the latest MacBook. Tech press tends to go overboard on wishing every product is for them, but he (along with a few others) seem to get it.

A new machine doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Sorry, power users.

This machine would be perfect for someone like me. The only problem is I don’t have this kind of money to throw around for what would essentially be a secondary computer. Thus, I’m weighing the cost/benefit of something like this compared to one of the better Chromebooks.