Uber surge pricing in Jacksonville, FL

I became way more interested in this Uber story Gruber linked to today when I got to the point of seeing a Jacksonville, FL screenshot shared. As a resident of the city, and in this general area, it baffles me as to why there’d ever be surge pricing in this part of town.


Seems weird. I thought maybe UNF students trying to get to the beach bars, but it doesn’t encompass the beaches. I guess this could have been from TPC weekend? Anyone have any ideas?

Judging from the story, Uber definitely plays an odd game.

iPhone users listen to podcasts more

This is not surprising, given Apple’s users, iTunes place in podcast curation, and the standard Podcasts app on every iPhone. All that considered, iPhone users should listen to podcasts more than any other user.

I can’t wait to see Podcast listening continue to grow as a whole, and our numbers at Too Many Comics echo these statements — Apple’s podcast app is the biggest by far.

As far as Android, what would it take for Google to bake podcasts into Google Music? Or does iTunes, and shows having to submit to iTunes, have too much of a stranglehold?

Getting things done with Todoist

Todo list apps – much like every productivity nerd, I’ve tried them all. During my process, I settled on Todoist a year or so ago and was thrilled when Federico did the same (selfishly knowing I’d benefit from some amazing tips).

Todoist simply works exactly as I prefer, carrying a number of benefits. A few of my favorites:

  • Ubiquitous – Todoist is everywhere I need it. On my Mac, the web, Watch, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android. I don’t use all of these devices all of the time, but when I do I know that my task lists will be synced there.
  • URL scheme support for quicker entry and improved workflow.
  • Integrations with other services I use, like Google Calendar and IFTTT.

And in recent news, the development team made major improvements to 1) bring a handy app to the Apple Watch and 2) launch its own developer platform integrations.

It just keeps getting better and better. And it’s only $29/year for the premium version.