fnd Brings Fast, Convenient iTunes Store Search and Product Pages To The Web

This is so sorely needed. The biggest advantage Google has over Apple is obviously in the web services department — that includes the way the Google Play store is currently configured.

Accessing it on the web is so easy. There’s no external program that opens and the remote install works like a dream. fnd isn’t that, but it’s much better searching experience on your iOS device.

I’ve already added it to the Launch Center Pro actions.

March 2014 homescreen

I got ahead of myself, only slight changes this month. Next month, however, has already seen the screen merged into two with quite a few apps having been deleted.

March 1, 2014 (Homescreen here, two others below)


Submitting bugs

Tip of the day. Be a helpful user and submit bugs to developers. I did recently with Pocket Casts and a fix was issued a day later. That landscape issue? I submitted it.

You’re welcome.*

* I probably wasn’t the only one to submit the issue.

Pocket Casts update

Using Trello

I use Trello pretty religiously at work now. It’s an amazing way to organize everything big going on at WWP — it’s sort of like my digital whiteboard. The team recently gave some tips on how to use the service as a pro.

Worth a read:

  • Part 1, 2 and 3