Another Case for the New MacBook

I appreciate MacSparky’s take here. This update, and the longer piece before it, are legit looks at the audience for the latest MacBook. Tech press tends to go overboard on wishing every product is for them, but he (along with a few others) seem to get it.

A new machine doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Sorry, power users.

This machine would be perfect for someone like me. The only problem is I don’t have this kind of money to throw around for what would essentially be a secondary computer. Thus, I’m weighing the cost/benefit of something like this compared to one of the better Chromebooks.

Workflow Field Guide — MacSparky

Workflow is awesome. If it seems daunting to you, David Sparks offers up a Video Field Guide to learn. It’s worth a look, and only $9.99.

Says David:

Workflow has over 200 available actions that you can mix and match to make your iPhone and iPad dance for you. Don’t you want to see that? This screencast is fully bookmarked, an hour long, and engineered to make you a Workflow master.

He’s also provided an 11-minute sample to check out before purchasing.